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Can't install Virus Removal Tool

I have a Windows 7 system that runs very slowly and appears to be infected with a rootkit.  The MSI installer does not appear to be working, and every attempt to repair it have failed.  Attempting to install Sophos Virus Removal Tool results in a 1719 error.  Is there any way to run the virus removal tool on that system without installing the program?





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Re: Can't install Virus Removal Tool

Hello Elle,


the right forum for questions related to SVRT is the Sophos free tools forum on SophosTalk.

Anyway - if you have tried the suggestions from the Microsoft article and the Installer still doesn't run (BTW: you did not attempt to install SVRT in Safe Mode, did you?) you might have to reinstall Windows. At the moment SVRT needs the Installer and neither installs nor runs in Safe Mode. You could give SAV32CLI a try though.