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FAQ: why should I register?

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Why should I register?


 If you don’t register, you’ll still be able to view all of the public content in the forums, but you won’t be able to add your own questions or comment. To do that, you need to register, using the link that’s just below the "About SophosFreeTalk" title banner, above. Once registered, you’ll also be able to build a personalised user profile, and award points for quality posts and their contributors. If you start to post your own content, or tag other posts, you’ll start to earn points that will propel you up the ranks system. The community’s highest achievers get access to a private VIP discussion space. See the SophosFreeTalk ranks FAQ post  for details of the promotion system.

What information will I be asked to supply?


Click on the Register link, above. You’ll be asked for a first and second name, then your email address, then you’ll need to select and confirm a password. You’ll be sent an email confirming your email contact details. Once you’ve used the embedded link to click back through to the registration process, you’ll be asked to select a screen name. This will appear on all your posts, and will be used to identify you within the community. Your email address will not be visible.

Once you’re a registered user, you simply use the “Sign In” link and your registered email address to visit again. Visiting often will help you gain promotion through the ranking system.


Does registration use MySophos credentials?


Some of you will already be members of the SophosTalk community, for purchasers of the Sophos Enterprise and small business products. In that online community, you use the same user name and password as your MySophos account, giving a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience.


This community, SophosFreeTalk, does not do this. In the interests of simplicity and keeping down integration costs (which is how we can make these tools free of charge), we've used a more lightweight registration and sign-in process. You can register with SophosFreeTalk using your the same user name and password you use with MySophos, but they're not managed by the same system.


Why the email verification?


We added the email verification step to prevent spammers generating thousands of automated registrations based on webmail accounts. We don't think it will be too obtrusive.



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Re: How to do a manual clear


I have the home version software which detected a windows virus that it could not clear. As I do not have windows on my home computer am I safe from the virus that Sophos software detected?  Either way, can you tell me how to do a manual clear in case that comes up again.  Many thanks.

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Re: FAQ: why should I register?

 i got trial of sophos for 30 days ,i already install but can't update,and the protection is disabled? how come?

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Mal/NecursDrp-A and Mal/Badsrc-c removal