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Anti-spyware protection

Is  SOPHOS Free Antivirus for mac, has a built-in Anti-Spyware Protection? and Anti Rootkit? Smiley Surprised

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Re: Anti-spyware protection

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Hi, I found this on searching the forum, so yes it does detect spyware, but not PUPs which are things like commercial keyloggers (ones you can buy and install)  However it will detect keyloggers which are part of malware.  PUP's are detected by the Windows version but not yet by the Mac version.  


like practically all AV products Sophos also detects and protects from spyware (note that the additional adware and PUA detection is only available with the Windows version). If you read the description it says [spyware...] sends information from that computer to a third party without the user's permission or knowledge. Some dedicated anti-spyware/-adware products are much more "aggressive" - in a broader sense you could also classify iTunes as spyware. Sophos doesn't go that far. 


Some of the detections mention about rootkits so my guess is that it does detect them, but perhaps someone else can clarify that point. 


Hope that helps