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Device Encryption



So, I've downloaded and installed the app, had it on for about 2 weeks now. I decided a few days after putting it on that I would encrypt my data just to make sure it was all safe, as the Security Advisor suggested, which is kind of cool. I have to put a pin in to unlock my phone when I power it off and on, which is fine.


Having done that, I've now spotted that a bunch of my photos that I could access PRIOR to encryption are no longer showing up on my phone.


How do I get them back? Is there some special unlock thing I can do, or do I need to remove the app and pray to all the gods that may or may not exist and hope I get my photos back? They aren't replaceable, and I want to copy them on to my laptop so that I have spare copies now.





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Re: Device Encryption



the encryption itself is not done by our App.

Sophos Mobile Security anly shows the status of the system integrated encryption and shows you the system meny when trying to change it.


So regarding you problem this is nothing where we can help.




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